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Thank you. 5K times.
With over 1.63K downloads on iTunes and 3.5K on Amazon, numerous reviews on stores as well as by a few well-known blogs around the world, including Mashable, “A Day with The Woz” celebrates its 1st anniversary today.
The Buzz:
Sure, this is a puff piece, but it’s free, it’s fun, and I wish it had happened to me.

Waseef Akhtar, a geeky kid from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, of all places, meets Steve Wozniak and gets to talk with him for a few hours. The Woz is as gracious and gentle as his reputation would lead you to expect. He even gives Waseef his business card with his personal phone number on it — in binary, of course. You have to admire somebody who could step away from the Steve Jobs reality distortion field and lead a sane life instead.

God willing, may Waseef be as fortunate. :: #ADaywithTheWoz

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